Residential Villas

30 exclusive villas reflect the waves and embrace the nature of ZUHA.

These dazzling waterside residences set around the bejeweled sea allow owners to become a part of the mystery and pulse of ZUHA, which also hosts world-renowned boutique retreat, spa, and restaurants.

These palatial residential villas have been designed to provide residents with generous plots of land, a beachfront experience, city skyline views and the utmost level of privacy. Each villa embraces the whole island in one movement; a symphony as unique as you.


Starting with basic geometric forms set upon each plot, the initial phase of design was conceptualized to elevate the villas – to invite in the island from all sides, and to optimize the grandeur of the city skyline. Four unique stories rise up from beachfront to vast horizon – centralized around a single spiraling staircase – fanning open to generous terraces on both the island and ocean side.

Upon these initial solid shapes ZAYA allowed the island, ocean, wind and waves to inspire, sculpt and shape the villa in a wholly unique and organic way; to become a part of ZUHA.


Inspired by ZUHA, all of our interiors feature state of the art furniture and materials which celebrate and accentuate the curves, light and shape of the island.

Seamless flow between interior and exterior is achieved through neutral palettes and natural materials such as travertine and marble, which permeates each of the six en-suite rooms – including a master suite looking out to the ocean. Four living spaces, multiple terraces and a choice of dining spaces, each add subtle and elegant compliment to the design.


Water, healing, peace and sanctuary are some of the main features which permeate ZUHA’s philosophy and accentuate her appeal. These elements are reflected in the exquisite bathrooms of the residential villas.

Through the use of indirect lighting, ocean views, and perfect privacy, enjoy the luxury and essence of the fluidity of the island from one of six state of the art bathrooms.