From the Arabic, meaning the ‘morning light’, ZUHA is the Emirates most sought after private island, an island of inspiration, delighting the senses and offering quality without parallel.

Designed to provide residents with generous plots of land, city skyline views and the utmost level of privacy, ZUHA is home to a world-class, boutique retreat and only 30 limited edition exclusive private residences, set around the bejeweled sea surrounding the island, which is over 2.5 million square feet with 2.5 kilometers of beachfront encircling rich greenery.


Starting with basic geometric forms set upon each plot, the initial phase of design was conceptualized to elevate the villas – to invite in the island from all sides, and to optimize the grandeur of the city skyline. Four unique stories rise up from beachfront to vast horizon – centralized around a single spiraling staircase – fanning open to generous terraces on both the island and ocean side.

Upon these initial solid shapes ZAYA allowed the island, ocean, wind and waves to inspire, sculpt and shape the villa in a wholly unique and organic way; to become a part of ZUHA.


From the team who brought you the most luxurious island resort in the UAE – Nurai Island – ZAYA has a proven track record of developing island infrastructure to a level of unparalleled and sustainable luxury.

Moving to new shores, the masterplanning of ZUHA Island is an experiment in innovation drawing on our leading expertise in island development.


Familiar with all of the difficulties of developing an island, ZAYA began the Nurai island project without any pre-existing infrastructure; there was no road network, no electricity or connection to the grid, no sewerage system or clean drinking water.

After extensive oceanography and land surveying, eroded beaches were built up using exposed geo-bags and sand pumping to make a generous island and extraordinary development over double it’s original size.